"Justforkidsonly" is an educational web site created on 12th of July, 2000 by a kid, at that time seven years old, with the good intention of helping kids to improve their grades.


In a very short period it became one of the fastest growing web sites with millions of visitors from more than 150 countries all over the world.


As such, a lot of educational materials are available in the market all over the world, but for some reason, are not available to everybody.


It was our idea to put some of the helpful material for growing and developing kids so that it can be easily and repeatedly accessible at any time. They can make as many copies as many times as they want.


Also, the information provided may sometimes initiate the child to learn more or explore further.


The idea is to present them some basic, very preliminary information so that they can develop some interest in the subject.


The material presented in this site is preliminary or basic. It may not be perfect. Sometimes it may not be exactly appropriate to their intellectual level or age. There are always individual variations. So parents need to help them. We urge children to verify the material from time to time and get more accurate, detailed, complete and up-to-date information from their parents, from their teacher, from their counselor, from their library or any good authenticated source available.


The material in the site is presented in such a way that it might increase their vocabulary and their curiosity; it might also increase their interest in the subject.


We have always tried to present the material in a simple, understandable, and very clean way.


Parents, guardians, relatives, and teachers pardon us and correct us, if we make any mistakes or errors. Please let us know so that we can correct them right away.


Even if a small number of children are charged to study further, improve their grades, or make their careers in the future, we would consider our efforts to be fruitful.



We thank so many parents who wrote to us saying that their daughters or sons were not studying well. But after surfing this site, they developed an interest in studying, in doing their home-work, and were charged. We thank them again and simply say to them that they charged us too!


At the same time we apologize to those who did not like any or part of the material. If we know why, we would try to improve or correct that part.


Education is not merely understanding letters and words. Education is a dynamic process. It should teach the child how to interact with each other. It should teach the child what is good and what is bad. It should teach the child how to be successful in life. It should bring out the child's full potential and It should help the child to be a great hero in the future.


Let the good thoughts come from all over.