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Making money


How can you make money?


There are so many different ways you can make money.


For example:


1. In your age group, by accepting gifts from elderly, your parents, grand parents, uncles, aunts, etc.

    For example: Children get money as gift on their birthday, on holidays, on graduation day, when you

    do something good, etc.

    In the form of cash, check, money order, travelers check, etc.


2. By helping somebody.

    If you help somebody like your neighbor, senior citizens, elderly persons, etc. usually they pay you for

    your service.

    Here you provide your physical service, which can be seen.


3. You can make money by providing your service.

    For example, tutoring some students, etc.


    Lawyers provide their service by charging their clients. Doctors provide their service on pay per service basis.

    Accountants provide their service by charging their clients.

    Telephone companies provide their service by charging their customers.


    Make a note here that they do not exchange any goods to whom you can not touch or grasp. They provide

    their intellectual assets which has some monetary value. Non-tangible items have their own monetary value

    but some people can not understand or appreciate them.


4. By selling goods or merchandize.

    You can buy some goods or items with your own money and sell them to others with some markup or profit..


    Sometimes if you do not have money up front to buy merchandize, you can get it on your good standing

    credit and sell someone on profit or commission bases. Owner takes the major profit for the risk he or she on

    you and gives you certain percentage of commission on sale to you for your efforts.


5. By getting royalty on your intellectual products, talent generated products.

    If you have some talent you can create a master piece of art, music, craft work, drama, show, etc. one time

    and sell it or get a royalty on it as many time as it is played, performed or used.


6. By putting your money in the bank.

    You can open an account in the bank and deposit you money into that account. Bank gives you interest on

    the balance in your account. Or you can loan your money to somebody whom you know and who is looking

    for some money for his or her business. Just as bank gives you interest  you can get interest on your money

    you loan somebody.


    Be careful about the risk involved if you loan your money to private party.

    In bank you get less interest but the money may be more secured. In private parties, or personal lending you

    may get more interest but you might be risking your money. There are chances you might lose your hard

    earned money.


7. By investing in share and stocks, in bonds, in money market, in mutual funds, etc

    Generally, there is always risk involved. But return may be more. All depends upon the market trend

    and individual company.


    Risk and return goes parallel, in almost same direction. More return you want, more risk you have to take.


8. By becoming a partner in somebody’s business.

    There are so many issues involved in this. Partnership is not easy. It requires investment of time and money

    or either one with preparation to accept loss. Return is more too!


9. By doing business on your own.

    You need skill or expertise, money, time and guts to do the business. It is an art.

    There are variety of opportunities and lots of hassles too!. Success remains in luck and efforts.


    There are lots of ways to make money. But one secure way, for children, to get money in future is by getting good education. This is more secure way.

    In any circumstances your knowledge is not going to go away. Nobody can take away your degree. Your brothers, sisters, friends can not divide it. It can not be stolen or burned. And it is not a burden. You are always going to be proud of your degree.

    It is always difficult, if not hard, to get a degree or education in a later age because of so many reasons.


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