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On our first anniversary

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

As we are entering into an another year, on our first anniversary that is on June, 10, 2010, we are planning to restructure, reorganize, and reformate our blog for easy searching or surfing. So, please, pardon any delay occurring on our part of this transformation. If you find any lost links of our previous most beloved blog we assure you to bring them all back under new links as soon as possible. We just had a “Computer Cold”. Currently, while on the recovery treatment, we are updating our self to serve you better. Wish us get-well soon. With your blessings and prayers we will speedily recover.

In this journal we would try to understand Hinduism and the general belief of God in its true sense. For most of the time, as much as possible, in this journal, we would try to make it simple and more palatable, but at places we might need to use original Sanskrit words or terminologies to help us understand their true or real meanings and some quotations from the authentic scriptures in Sanskrit or vernacular languages for individual interpretations with their meanings in English as much as truly possible. The later part may seem boring to many non-familiar individuals but it might help increase the authenticity of the discussion.

Please pardon if any typos, grammatical errors, or unintentional misinterpretations left unnoticed as long as the meaning is conveyed rightly. Proof reading has always been difficult to be done on voluntary bases. The subject of Hinduism is very difficult, sensitive, and beyond any single individual’s capacity. Moreover, we are not perfect – as no one is. So, it is our humble request, not to let down the enjoyment of reading minding those trivial factors. Bear in mind that this blog is for general overall information only. Details can be learned from learned scholars in their respective fields of interest.