About the blog – TRUTH

TRUTH is about understanding Hinduism in its true sense. It is an online presence to discuss Hinduism, to clarify the misconceptions about Hinduism, to dig out a common ideology or common understanding that could unify various Hindu philosophies as well as other religious philosophies, and to understand the true meaning or concept of religion, god, soul, and the life in general.

Let us try to understand what Hindu philosophy means by healthy discussing, with references wherever possible, yet without prejudice, bias or individual preferences or likings. Let us try to find out the TRUTH without any fear of losing our faith, our belief, or our own identity. We may feel, at times, that we may be losing our predetermined belief but in fact we will be making our faith in God stronger by realizing the truth or by achieving the higher state of realization or understanding. It is like someone who is leaving school for the good, for entering into college for achieving higher goals. Leaving 3rd grade for the 4th grade or leaving school for the college, is not a loss or regress but it is a progress. Let us discuss without promoting any particular ideology or philosophy, at the same time, without thinking of any personal gain. The prime fear of any religion is that of Science. We might be afraid that science might disprove our philosophy, but we should not forget that science is also looking for the truth. The only difference between science and religious philosophy is that science is laboratory evidence based and religious philosophy is spiritual experience based. Although it may look like it is, religious philosophy is not a brain-child of mankind; it is an interpretation on ultimate reality or truth manifested or revealed by God Himself to all Human Beings for good. Religious philosophy is totally experience based and truth based. The second most important fear of being open is that of losing our faith in our own religious beliefs. But in true sense our belief in God is strengthened by understanding Him more clearly and open-mindedly, and that is what we truly need. So let the Truth Prevail.

TRUTH welcomes you to pour freely your questions and concerns about Hinduism and religion in general, and to share your thoughts with the community. Our motto is “whatever is good is ours and not that whatever is ours is the only good and nothing else.”